The Kommissar

A tribute to Jules Vernes “From the Earth to the Moon”

The Kommissär’s manifest

"The Kommissär" is the dysfunctional brainchild of Florian Winter, a Norwegian musician currently residing in Liverpool. Upon moving to England the change in venue also had an impact on "The Kommissär’s" way of writing music. Gone are the calculated and progressive metalriffs, the rock ‘n roll guitarsolos and the catchy hooks that he was so familiar with. Replacing them is a raw landscape of guitars, gritty in the ways of "Grunge" but laid back like the French lounge music. Heavily influenced by the works of Jules Verne, The Kommissär aims to slowly but surely take you on a journey through the wonderfull worlds Verne created and please the listener with easy, raw and melancholic tunes.